CV Joints

CV Joint and Boot Service
A CV axle is made up of 2 CV joints. The axle transmits torque from the engine and transmission to drive the vehicle's wheels. 

Constant velocity joints, or CV joints are universal joints that are able to transfer torque at large angles efficiently. These CV joints transfer power very smoothly. They are comprised of four basic parts:

  • The outer section, which has grooves machined on its inner surface
  • The bearings, which are usually in a "cage"
  • The inner ball, which has grooves on its outer surface for the bearings to ride in
  • A rubber boot to protect the unit from dirt and moisture.

A common cause of CV joint failure is cracks in the CV boot. When the boot is cracked, it allows dirt and grit to mix with the grease and wear down the parts of the joint. A clicking noise heard when turning is the most common symptom of CV joint problems. The CV boots should be replaced as soon as cracking is visible in their rubber folds.

Important Note: Never open a boot to inspect the CV joint.  The boots are airtight and if opened, the CV joint will require servicing.

What Will CV Joint and Boot Services Cost?
For the most accurate estimate, bring your vehicle to CAR PROS Plaza for a free inspection of your car brakes. Our trained technicians can then assess your vehicle's needs, answer any questions and review your options.